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Welcome New Members - Required Reading

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  • Welcome New Members - Required Reading

    Welcome aboard.

    We have set this forum aside for new members. The general rules and guidelines here are exactly the same as for the rest of the forum. You will find the rules and guidelines in several posts that are at the top of the first page of the General Forum. We expect you to read them and follow them.

    The difference between your status and regular Member status is you may not post new polls. You may answer poll questions, but you must be a regular member to start a poll.

    One of the things we would like you to do during your probationary period is to flag posts that you think are spam or trolling by clicking on the little black triangle with a white “!” in the center that can be found on the left side of the light blue bar under each post. Leave a comment in “Message” as to why you flagged it, and click the Send Report button under the text box. That will leave a post in a forum Moderators can read telling us there is a flagged post and where.

    We recommend that you make an initial post introducing yourself, describing where you live, your age, and what your life is like, and why you joined. If you have seduction, relationship, or sex questions, ask them in separate posts.

    In order to be promoted to a regular member with full privileges you will need to be here 90 days and make 30 posts, and must have a net reputation change that is zero or higher. We can promote people sooner at our discretion. That will happen if we like your initial posts a lot or you are a well known, long time member of our community who is just joining this forum. If you are an old hand, send a Private Message to Silvertree for an upgrade.

    Everyone is expected to put up an avatar, set their age display in settings to show age only, and enter a location in your profile, which we expect you to fill out. You will find the links needed to do this in “Settings” which is a link in the upper right of each page. We did and still do a lot of work to make this place accessible for free; we expect you to make this small effort as part of your contribution to this community.

    Realize you are joining a community. As a community member, your status depends entirely on how you conduct yourself. We expect people to be civil and polite. The purpose of this place is to teach and learn about seduction, sex, and relationships. Be nice, stay on topic and you will get along well. Do the opposite and you will have trouble with the Moderators. We kick people out who disrupt the peace or post lots of crap while contributing little of value. There is no right to be a member, you are here because we allow you to be here.
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    Sedfast is a racial whining free zone. - A Must Read

    The staff has had it with racial whining. What is racial whining? It is posts that say; I'm (Fill in your race here) and I can't get hot women from (Fill in their race here) to fuck me because they are racists and hate (Fill in your race here), and Waaa, Waaa, Waaa!

    If that is your problem, we are not going to help you, we are going to laugh at you, tell you to shut up, and tell you that if you keep posting that crap you will get your sorry ass booted off this forum. Yea sure, there are some actual racists out there, but the majority of people are not. Most of the time, if you are having problems getting women to like you, it's you, not them. If a cool, socially calibrated guy of your race talked to those same women he could make progress most of the time.

    I have lived my life in a city with a major university that attracts people from all over the world and have seen literally every type of interracial couple. Women don't care about your race anywhere near as much as they care how cool you are and how much fun they have with you. Women are much the same everywhere; they select what is, by their standards, the best guy they can get from what is available to them. It is that simple. Want better women, be a better man. That we can help you with.

    From now on we are shutting down racial whiners and warning them. If they persist, we will kick them out. We are here to help people become better men so they can fuck better women, not to hold the hands of whiners who make excuses and blame women for their poor results.
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      The Newbie Guide To Being A Good Member: Highly Recommended Reading

      By: NiccoloDaVinci

      This is NextASF, the biggest Independent Thinking Man's Seduction Board in existence. While the name is quite new, we've have a rich and storied history. Most of the membership on Sedfast is made up of refugees from the legendary mASF board of fame. When our old home was sold and subsequently shut down in 2011 we simply decided to take matters into our own hands. And here we are, growing and thriving. But enough about the board. This post will cover the details of how to post on
      NextASF and how to pick a username and a profile picture.

      How to post on NextASF to get the best possible advice

      There are multiple components to getting the best advice on NextASF, here are the most important ones.

      1. Be courteous and be humble.

      Consider NextASF a cocktail reception. You get there and the first two things you notice is that everybody is very well dressed and that there are no women around. Then you notice everybody is talking about seduction. You are a little overwhelmed. “Who do I listen to first,” you might ask yourself. Some of it makes sense, some of it you disagree with and some of it just sounds like a foreign language to you.

      “Confusing isn't it,” a man in a suit seemingly made of glitter with a “Moderator” name-tag remarks over his shoulder. “Yes,” you agree. “I'm not surprised. Seduction isn't a hard science after all. There are many different ways to approach a problem and even more to attain the desired result,” the handsome devil notes. “But how do you know who to listen to then?” “You stick around,” your mysterious friend replies. “You stick around and use your critical thinking skills. After a while you will be able distinguish those that are worth your time and those that only preach empty opinions. Listening to the right people will get you far in this world.” “And after? What do I do once I find a few people that seem to make sense?” “That's where most people fuck up,” your new friend concedes. “You need to take that newly won knowledge and apply it in the real world with real women. If it works, awesome. If it does not, come back and ask for advice. Then apply it once more. And so on. Keep those things that work for you, discard those that don't,” the moderator tells you with a smirk. “Now, if you will excuse me, I see another new member has just arrived. Good luck. I really hope you make it.” The man in the glitter suit vanishes into the crowd and you once more listen in on the fascinating conversations that fill your head with an overwhelming amount of new knowledge.

      2. Ask precise questions and provide enough details.

      Alright, this is pretty easy but people keep making the same mistake. If you want good advice, ask precise questions and give us enough details to efficiently judge your situation. More details are always better than a lack of them. Include your age, how you met, what you said and did, what she said and did and everything else that happened. Then ask a precise question. You'd be surprised how obvious some answers are if you just provide enough details and ask the right questions.

      3. Be patient.

      Once you have asked your question, be patient. Sometimes it takes a while for people to answer, sometimes you won't get a good answer. That's just how it is. Don't get discouraged when your favorite poster does not answer your question or you don't get any viable answers. Often all it takes is bumping the same thread with a more precise question.

      Speaking of “favorite posters”, don't idolize or worship them. They are imperfect like the rest of us and have good days and bad days. Never stop using your critical thinking skills.

      4. You may ask stupid questions.

      There are no stupid questions as long as you put enough effort in them.

      Don't ask “What is X?” or "Why does Z happen?"

      Do ask “After having researched X and having learned A, B and C about it, I still don't understand D and E about it. Can somebody please tell me more about how X works, especially in regards to D and E?”

      These can be very basic questions that may sound stupid, but really aren't as long as you put enough effort in them.

      5. You may not give stupid advice.

      What we can and will not allow is you giving stupid advice. This is a mistake a lot of new guys make. They see another new guy asking the same questions that they themselves only asked a few weeks/months ago and feel compelled to share their “newly acquired wisdom.” Please, do not make that mistake. We even have our own term "KJ" [Keyboard Jockeys] for these people. Do not make the mistake of giving advice on a topic you have not mastered yourself. Notice that I said “mastered” not “pretty good at”. By giving "stupid" advice like that you are actually harming the new guys. And we can't have that.

      Matter of fact, the guys that improve the fastest are always those that just keep asking questions and applying the advice gained from those questions with women. These are the ones that come back a year or two later and can genuinely give good advice because they know what they are talking about. Aspire to be one of those guys.

      How to pick a username and a profile picture / avatar

      Most new guys severely underestimate the importance of picking a good user name / profile picture. Which is a mistake that might influence the advice they are getting.

      Pick a username that relates to who your are or one of your interests. Other users subconsciously react to your username. Even if they don't do so consciously, their brains will give slightly altered advice to two different users, one named “GeorgeWashingtonFan” the other “LMFAOgr0up!e”, one tailored to a slightly older person, the other tailored to a slightly younger person. Guess which one gets which? This can of course be countered by setting your birthday to “display age only” in the settings, but it's only one example of how the advice can differ based on your username.

      Also, do yourself a favor and pick something that is unique and not irritating. Avoid names like xPlaya1x and ObamaBinTitties.

      As for your profile picture, the same rules apply. Pick one that is in unison with your name and portraits something you'd like to be associated with. People tend to subconsciously attribute a lot of different things based on ones profile picture and name, so pick wisely.

      One more thing, and this never gets mentioned anywhere, but I know it's important. Once you pick a profile picture, stick with it until people get to know you. Consistency is important, especially in the beginning. I'm a moderator and I read a lot of posts each day. If you're new and keep changing your picture I won't remember who you are. Now imagine how long it will take for people who spend less time than me on this board to remember you. Stick with one picture and over time people will learn who you are and remember your name.

      Alright, that's it. Unfortunately we don't have a “How do I start” guide yet, but you can't go wrong by reading through the threads in the Hall of Fame board or by reading a bunch of Sex Reports in the Actions Reports board. Please also don't forget to read the Posting Guidelines before you post. A violation will net you an official warning from the moderators. Multiple official warnings will get you banned. Pretty straightforward.

      If you have any questions feel free to post them here or to send a private message to one of the moderators.

      Welcome to NextASF. We hope you like it here.
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      The older the violin, the sweeter the music. Augustus McCrae