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  • Hello. I'm new.

    Hey. Long time lurker, first time poster.

    I've been obsessed with all this stuff for about 5 years and actually going out and doing stuff for about 2. I got kind of good when I properly started and the first girl I got with became my girlfriend (I know). So I've been single and ready to tingle for about a year since then and in that time I've been going out sporadically and not really getting past the fear stage or when I do I slip back pretty quick. I slept with 2 new women in the last year (again I know).

    Anyway I'm trying to go out consistently now and I'm getting better. I try to hit on girls when I'm going about my day but I also make myself go out all day specifically to hit on girls (I'm normally out for around 7 hours) if I feel like I'm not pushing myself enough. How I hit on girls depends on what kind of mood I'm in but I typically do the "hey I just saw you....." daytime in the street type of thing. Some days I can't get any girls to stop, other days can touch straight away and go for a make out in like 30 seconds.

    I was originally coming from a really bad place so I've come a long way in that respect but I owe it to myself to actually get good now, I'm in too deep to not get good.

    So that's where I'm at. I have a lot of respect for all you bad-asses and promise to try not to be a dickhead while I'm here and to give back when I'm qualified to do so. If I've made any faux pas with this post let me know.

    Right now I guess I'm looking for advice on how to not go crazy for long enough to get good and to just introduce myself. I'm supposed to start another thread to ask for advice though right?

    tl:dr - new guy (25, lives in London, looking for work at the moment, has small social circle, not much in the way of other interests besides this but I'm working on it.) tried to get into pickup a few times over last 2 years, got goodish a few times but ultimately got too obsessive about it, took it too seriously, burnt myself out and gave up. Starting again, going out regularly, trying to have fun, be sexual, touch more, not think too much. Introducing myself here, want to know if I'm on the right track.

    Thanks for reading all this,


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    Welcome zoo, I look forward to reading your contributions.

    I wish I could do daygame more often (my work interferes) I'd love to hear how you got the meet to kiss in 30 seconds.


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      Hey Gaarth,

      Ok so I went for the kiss after about 30 seconds but got denied the first time.

      this is probably gonna be a pretty boring read for the advanced guys, (I don't take my trousers off in this story) fair warning

      I saw the girl on the street and walked up beside her. I said "hi, you're very pretty". She responded warmly and said she was only here for 3 days, I asked if she would like to get some coffee. She said OK so I put my hand out for her to hold and walked with her. All I did was pull her in by the hand and try for a kiss as we were walking, then when she wasn't into it I'd just chill for a while then try again. I tried 3 times I think and she resisted every time. It was raining so we went to a park and sat under a tree, I asked if she'd like to play "the question game" (you take turns to ask each other questions and you have to tell the truth) I'm not sure if I heard this somewhere but as far as I know I was making it up as I went along.

      The questions were tame at first like "what's your favorite film", stuff like that. Then I asked her something like "what's something you're really insecure about that no one knows about". She told me and then I kind of felt this change in the tone, like she suddenly trusted me. So I moved in really slowly and stopped super close to her lips for a second just like trying not to freak her out and then she just grabbed my face and we made out. We hung out until she had to go home, I tried to pull her back to my house but she wouldn't come. I'm not sure how long until we made out but I know from when I met her to when she went home was about 1 hour. I saw her again before she left and we hung out for a few hours. She still wouldn't come back to mine and I guess I lost my composure a little because I was fully expecting to get laid and when she said she wouldn't go to my house I felt like it was game over. I can't remember what I said but I could have definitely handled it better. Anyway I pushed her up against a wall and we made out, her hands were all over me and she was kissing my neck so I figured if I can keep escalating I can get her excited enough that she'll come home with me. I put my hand up her skirt and gave her a firm rub. She freaked out and we argued all the way to her bus stop, stopping to make out every now and then. It was weird.

      Good - I was in a really chill mood from just going out a lot around that time and it just clicked and I guess I was just in the right place at the right time. I never would have had the balls to do that when I first started out.

      Bad - Tried too hard on the second day. I got excited and desperate and over thought it. It's was fun though, I'd never made out with a girl in the day like that before.
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