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  • Powerful Advice For Newbees - Great Videos

    I am altering this thread and sticking it. I'd prefer it if people didn't comment, but added other good videos for rank beginners. Stuff on inner game, how seduction really works, how to get laid, and female psychology and management. I'd also prefer it if it was mostly guys who know what they are talking about posted and they invest a little time in explaining the video and it's point. I am going to be watching this and may edit or remove posts that are off topic. I want this to be a great set of, "You are new", stuff only.

    And please don 't post to thank us for the videos or say they are great. Watch and learn.

    ~ ~ ~

    Unfortunately, Brent Smith changed most of his excellent videos to private view and you have to be a paid member of his business to see them these days. I am editing this thread to remove posts that had his videos in them. I am leaving up a bit of what I wrote for the first two, but I edited out the parts that refer to the videos, because it is good rookie advice without the videos.

    ~ ~ ~

    If you are new to the Seduction Community and don't know where to begin, begin with this. Realize that every last thing you know is wrong. You have been programmed to do a bunch of shit that won't make you happy or free, and they sold this BS to you with the promise of happiness and freedom if you did things the way you were told. Understand that cultures program people and cultures compete with other cultures and the strongest ones win. Not the culture that makes its members the most happy, the culture that drives out the other cultures. That means all the successful cultures program you to make your culture successful, not to make you happy, successful, and fulfilled. You are just a cell in a creature called your culture, doing what the culture programmed you to do as part of its evolved survival strategy.

    You can step outside this. That is what is meant here when we say leave the Matrix. The Matrix is that set of common assumptions and rules that guide your and everyone else's actions. Leaving the Matrix is nothing more than stepping off the merry go round your culture has programmed you to ride and starting to do what is good for yourself; what will make you happy, successful, and fulfilled.

    As Brent said elsewhere, "Indifference is the crucial difference." The best way to deprogram yourself is to quit worrying. Literally become indifferent to the demands culture makes and what it told you that you should be doing, and start doing what you want to do and being who you want to be.

    Stop being unhappy and start being happy. Both are states of mind. You can change your mind. It is a part of you, just like your hand, you can make it do what you want. You control it, it does not control you. Just as you can decide to put your hand in your pocket or to pick up a sandwich and eat it, you can decide if your mind will make you unhappy or happy. It is up to you. You don't know this because this knowledge is good for you, but stops you from serving your culture, so you were never taught this.

    Imagine for a moment you are Paul McCartney and it is 1966. You are the coolest guy on earth. When you are on stage hot young women write their name & phone number on their panties and throw them at you all the time. Do you actually care what any one person thinks about you or what you say? No. You are polite and nice to people and treat them well, but you do not need anything from anyone. That is the behavior of someone who is at the top of the pyramid. Humans are evolved to live in a hierarchy. The further up the pyramid you appear to be, the hotter the women who will want to fuck you. The further up the pyramid you are, the more cool your demeanor becomes. Coolness is a status marker. This is what Brent meant about indifference. One of our best posters, The Thin Man, refined it and said one should adapt a pose of amused indifference. That is the best description of Cool ever.

    Hot girls chase cool guys. Uncool guys chase hot girls.

    Realize that women decide quickly if they want to fuck you. If the answer is yes, they make it easy for you and will often push the matter forward themselves if you don't pick up on their intent. If the answer is no, nothing works to seduce them, they will only interact with you so far as you are useful to them. They will let you entertain them, do stuff for them, and buy them stuff, but they won't fuck you.

    You can choose who you want to be.

    Be cool and prosper.
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    How to tell if a woman likes you.

    When my daughter was about 12 she asked me the flip side of that question, how can I tell if a guy likes me. My answer, is he there talking to you? If so, chances are good he likes you. This is true of women too. They are not going to waste their time on guys they don't like. If she initiates contact in any way, she is interested in you for some reason. You have to filter out those who want you to be useful to them, so you can concentrate on those who want to fuck you, and you can find that out by escalating. (Read The DiCarlo Escalation Ladder that is in the pinned reading material thread in this forum.)

    This video is right on, and the girl is too cute. It is aimed at young people but is true for all women. Girls know this stuff better than guys, because flirting and chasing guys is the heart of the insane girl contest, which is at its worst in high school.

    A second video. This is an grown up hot babe and she is also giving solid advice. If a girl is interested in you she will answer your text no matter what. If she isn't, a second or third or three hundred and seventy third text won't make her change her mind. A woman like this has had guys checking her out, telling her she's pretty, and trying to fuck her many times every day since she was twelve years old.

    She boils it down. Be a man, be cool, look your best, and just talk to women, and notice the ones that like you. If they like you they will make it easy for you. If they don't, nothing you do will change their minds. It is easier to look for a different one who does like you.

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      A great talk by Tyler Durden on how, if you are not getting laid, you need to work on yourself. It's not the world that needs to change, it's you. You can become a cool guy, but you are going to have to work on it. One thing he says in this video, if you are in your 20s or older and are not fucking girls, there is a problem with you and the only person who can fix it is you. The good news is, if you fix yourself and make yourself cool, you will understand it in a way that guys who just had it fall in their lap never will. That means you will be able to maintain your coolness as you age, something most of the popular guys in high school and college won't manage to pull off.

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        Great video about the importance of field experience. The more you read theory and the forum, the more you need to be in the field or else you will only get confused and it will hinder your progress.


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          As a daygamer, I will post this video. This is SashaPUA. I totally disagree with his method [too much dancing monkey] but his social courage is unshakable and each "rejection" does not change his demeanor. This is proof you can be silly and carefree and play the numbers game. This is proof you can "mess up" with your first approaches and keep going.

          Optional analysis:

          The first approach and last approach are pretty solid despite some flaws

          1:30-2:00 he is threading about her modeling and telling her to do things for herself instead of following parents.

          2:15-2:20 he says he talks to chicks on the street which shows congruence

          3:00 "who's the lucky guy?" personally don't like this but it's his way of finding out if she has a bf

          3:20 "no I'm just hard to impress" meaning she doesn't

          3:25 basically he roleplays to reset the convo and then warm reads her based on everything she told him, which is a nice frame

          3:40-4:00 "next time you're in town we'll grab a coffee and if there is sexual chemistry we'll make love all night long"

          4:11 The moment she hears this clear huge direct expression of what he wants to do with her [sexual chemistry], she is now attracted [hair flip]

          4:13 "You don't wanna admit you want sex with me cause it'll make you feel like a dirty slapper...I'll give you a missed call and you'll know it's me" - [I think this is a mistake because...]

          4:24 She says, "You don't even know me." [I think this shit test happened because of what he said last]

          Then he #closes

          5:50 This then leads into the problem with SashaPUA. He opens this girl with "Hi I'm not crazy" and jumps in front of her. She continues to walk which is where I'd let it go. Even for daygame, the frame is getting into too much chase mode.

          He chases her down

          6:49 She says, "What are you doing?" in an annoyed voice

          6:50 "Chatting up girls" which continues with congruence

          6:55 camera saves him but the congruency undoes the annoyance at least

          I'll skip to his success after opening more girls with the terrible "Don't worry I'm not crazy"

          17:20 This girl is obviously taken and he just blows her kisses goodbye as a way to let it go [nice way to do it for him as I felt the slight sadness at 17:30]

          17:34 This girl is obviously hooked and thinks his joking as sweet so everything he does works

          17:45 Frame about her already having 3 "imaginary" boyfriends is making her laugh which is good

          18:15 Making her touch him which is also good and she is laughing and flipping her hair

          18:20 She is asking where he is from which is an obvious interest indicator

          19:00 He goes on about she needs sex and needs his services. The way he says this is actually hilarious and works here because she is already hooked.

          19:30 Roleplaying with her "If we have an affair.."



          He threads well once the hook is established
          He is direct and to the point once things get going very overty sexual
          He does not flinch even after being called out

          Opener isn't the best
          Chasing a bit
          Asking about her bf situation asap, almost too much
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            These are the 2 videos that i use the most when i am helping newbies, and people always say without failing, "omg, thank you"

            and on onitis and/or neediness


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              A great interview with a hot babe on a variety of topics related to seduction.

              A tip of the hat to Skills360 who originally posted this.


              The older the violin, the sweeter the music. Augustus McCrae


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                This one shows how simple it can turn with enough confidence. This is a combination of nuts and persistance. Also, this man makes awkward pranks not always related to pick-up, but it's still interesting to see how people react to awkwardness.


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                  just drop the melodrama and be yourself, girls want you


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                    Just came across this fantastic video by Simple Pickup on how to overcome Social Anxiety:


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                      A video series about out social skills, opening and rapport, ba Robin Dreeke.

                      Edit: Two of the videos dissappeared, and I deleted them.



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                        I Love dumb bimbo, semi-self aware women like this who have an idea of what they are attracted too.
                        Summary of the video:

                        1.) Fake it till you make it, develop authentic confidence.

                        2.) don't put them on the pedastal

                        3.) be unique from the beta boys

                        Good foundation for developing your dating skills, if you're new.


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                          How women hit on guys, an insightful rapid fire compilation of how girls send the come and get it signal.

                          The older the violin, the sweeter the music. Augustus McCrae


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                            A really good Ted Talk about body language.

                            The main point is, the Mind - Body connection works both ways. If you adapt the posture of a high status person, you will feel like a high status person, which will result in people treating you as a high status person, which will in time, make you a high status person.

                            In short... Don't just, Fake It Until You Make It, Fake It Until You Become It. (And I love it when Ivy League Professors use PUA lingo to explain stuff we figured out first.)

                            Tiny Tweaks ---> Big Changes


                            The older the violin, the sweeter the music. Augustus McCrae


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                              Originally posted by Silvertree View Post
                              How women hit on guys, an insightful rapid fire compilation of how girls send the come and get it signal.

                              Had me lmao
                              she exaggerated but some I've ran into especially the "my friend thinks your hot" line women aren't as confusing if you Pay Attention!