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How to Get Physical on a Date

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  • How to Get Physical on a Date

    I wanted to write something a bit different than the regular “cold approach” post and something most people never really talk about and that’s…dates, or “day2’s” for you Pick-Up Artists.

    Most of the stuff we read about is mainly about the approach and that’s great since a lot of people are new to this kind of thing and you should always keep your blade sharp for approaching, but there are a lot of us out there that are past the approach and are now getting dates with very little success on taking it past just the date and getting more physical.

    In this article I’m going to break down the mindset to have – when you should start getting physical, how to act and flirt with your date all the way to making her not feeling like a slut if you pushed social boundaries and got almost too physical inside a bar/club/lounge (with her enjoying herself of course) Stay positive fellas, lol.

    One key thing that helped me once I started going on dates was the mindset I told myself to have and that’s, GAME HER VERBALLY/MENTALLY LIKE ANY OTHER DATE…PHYSICALLY TREAT HER LIKE SHE’S MY GIRLFRIEND!! Once I started using that mindset it was game over and my dates were 10x more fun than before. Plus it takes a lot of pressure off your shoulders thinking of all these things to do while you’re out on the date, should I kiss her now? Should I touch her there?

    When do I make the move to do this or do that…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! It’s too much, so treating her physically like she’s my “girlfriend” took all that junk out of my head and it will yours as well. Why? ‘Cause how do most of us act with our girlfriends? Calm and collected (for the most part, lol) When you have a girlfriend, you hold hands, have her sit on your lap, you wrap your arms around her when standing behind her or in line at the movies or food joint. That’s how you want to act with your date, on your date.

    So here we go…

    When you go on your date, you want to get physical from jump and when I mean from jump I mean right when you walk up to greet her. Put your arms out for the hug and when you get it, squeeze on her and kiss the top of her head.

    If you’re the same height as her or shorter, kiss her cheek or the side of her head just above her ear. Once your hug is done, grab her hand and start walking towards the location of your date. If she holds your hand loosely that’s fine, let her hand go and don’t pay much attention, the date just got started.

    The reason you want to give her a hug and kiss from jump and then grab her hand leading her is YOU’RE SETTING THE FRAME that, “This is how we’re going to act on our date.” Once you set the frame like that it gives her the vibe that you’re use to being like this and she should be as well. Some girls will give a bit of resistance since they will be thinking that you just want to get laid or you’re not her man and others will go along with it, both are fine just don’t freak when a girl resists, act like it didn’t even happen and move forward and continue your date.

    Throughout your date you want to LEAD the whole time and when I mean lead I mean lead physically no matter what’s going on. Standing in line, sitting down, moving locations all that and I will go into detail on how you can lead and make it come off smoothly.

    When you grab her hand and start walking towards the venue or whatever it is you two are doing for you date, like I said you’re setting the frame that this is how you two are going to act on your date. If she does in fact hold your hand loosely let it go and do it again later when you move around the venue.

    Say you’re at an art museum and you want to move to see the next painting, put your hand out reaching for hers so she’ll put her hand in yours. When she does put her hand in yours start walking towards the painting WITH YOU LEADING, meaning you walking a little in front towards where you wanted to go.

    Now maybe you put your hand out and she doesn’t put her hand out, do the waving motion with your hand like you’re calling her over to show her something. At that time you can tease her a bit and say stuff like, “Awww how cute, do you have a two date rule on holding hands? I’m sorry I’m moving to fast for ya.” Or “It’s cool, I have cootie spray in the glove compartment if you need some.”

    Leading the whole time is good because it sub-communicates that you’re sure of yourself and that you’re the man, taking control on the situation is always a plus since most guys are always asking girls what they like or what they want to do. The girls ex-boyfriend was probably like that so don’t be a pussy, grab your balls and LEAD! Say she starts to walk off first and grabs your hand and is pulling you behind a quick way to reverse that is by stopping her, asking her where she’s going or why you’re going where she wants and then start walking first and pull her behind you, again LEADING HER!

    Another key time to get physical with your date is while you’re in line for stuff. Clubs, bar to get a drink, the movie theater, whatever it is, GET PHYSICAL!

    When you’re in line, put your arm around her and start looking at stuff, whether it’s the names of the movies you’re looking at or all the different types of liquor on the wall.

    You can lean close and start whispering silly things in her ear about the couple in front of you or how long the line’s taking.

    A good one is to stand right behind her and wrap your arms around her or put your hands on her arms just below her shoulders. When you get to the ticket lady or the bartender get super close almost to where you’re bodies are touching and start talking right into her ear…not too loud of course, lol. This is a good point on where you should be gaming her verbally like she’s you’re date but physically treating her like she’s your girlfriend.

    After you get your drinks or tickets, now that you’ve been getting physical pretty smoothly, walk away without holding hands to do a little pushing away. Put her in her head and make her think, “Huh…I wonder why he’s not reaching for my hand this time?”

    It’s always good to break the pattern and to make her think if something’s wrong or if she did something to make you act that way. You want to do this so that you’re not so predictable with how you act. The more predictable you are the less attractive you will be to her.

    Standing in line for things or in tight areas are great times to get physical and to flirt, don’t think you’re going to mess things up if you go for it. You’ll learn more from fucking up than you will from trying to play it safe. Another fun thing to do when standing close to one another is to POKER HER BELLY! Poker it after she says something funny/silly. Just poke her belly and say, “You’re silly.” Or pinch her hips. Girls always have something to say after you do that which leads to great banter.

    Okay, now you’ve started your date, you’ve stood in lines with her and even next to her for a while, the next thing you’ll want to do during your date is HAVE HER SIT ON YOUR LAP!

    Having her sit on your lap is not only a great way to get physical but it’s also a great compliance test to see how attracted she is to you, ‘cause if she’s down to sit on your lap you don’t have to question yourself on much, the next move would be to go for the kiss.

    When she’s sitting on your lap your bodies are touching, you’re basically face to face so the space between you two makes it very easy for the kiss and her legs are right there so you can put your hands on her thighs.

    A great way to transition from standing to having her sit on your lap is to find an area where there’s either chairs or benched seats…once you’re there, you need to sit first and right after you sit down, grab her legs and start pulling her towards you.

    Once you have her in between your legs she’ll know what to do from there. If she gives resistance like, “What are you doing?” simply reply with, “Sit down, silly.” If she doesn’t sit down and sits next to you instead, while she’s moving around your legs tease her and let her know, “You’re too much.” and give a little chuckle. Don’t let it get to you…try again later next time you two sit down.

    Now that she’s on your lap, this would be a great time to go in for the kiss. You can go in straight or you can kind of prep her for that and I’ll cover both right now.

    A lot of guys always wait for that kiss at the end of the date and this is where you break the pattern. You want to get the kiss in DURING THE DATE so it’s out the way and there’s no awkward moment in the end where you’re wondering if she’s down or if you get denied you’re not walking away kicking yourself. You’ll actually get a better kiss at the end if you make it happen during the date. If you attempt during the date you can get denied and try minutes later and get it.

    When going straight for the kiss it’s simple, you lean in 90% of the way and she’ll know what’s going on.

    If she doesn’t go in and just waits there’s you’re good to go or if she resists then you’ll know you have to wait until you can get it.

    Obviously if she leans towards you, you got yourself the make out, sir. The other type of kiss is prepping her for it.

    You do things like kiss her cheeks or kiss the side of her head…kissing her forehead and just to the side of her eyes. These are all great spots to kiss to “prep” her for the kiss. After you’ve done a few of those when she looks towards you, go in for the kill and nine times out of 10 you’ll get your kiss.

    What I love about dates is when you don’t know what to do, PUSH YOURSELF!!! I remember this joke me my boys from Casanova Crew use to say, “When in doubt…whip it out!” Meaning if you’re hooking up with a chick and you don’t know where to take it, pull your dick out and you’ll know where you stand really fast, lol. On dates, out in public don’t do this but when you’re questioning what to do next make that next move, whether it’s sucking/licking/biting her neck, talking dirty in her ear, whatever it is MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    Whatever she complies with will let you know where you are in the seduction right away. If it doesn’t work right away, wait a bit, flirt with her more to get her all warm and fuzzy feeling inside and then go for the kill again and make your next move. Take your two steps forward and IF she denies you take one step back and then take another two steps forward. SIR!

    At the end of the night if you two have gotten a little too wild and you in fact are NOT going to take her home, make sure she doesn’t feel like a slut.

    If you’re pushing the limits and you two did some wild stuff inside the club or during the date your big thing is to make her feel as comfortable as possible so there’s no “buyers remorse” leaving her thinking, “I bet he thinks I’m just a big slut.”

    If she gets weird with you after the date and doesn’t want to hook up with you next time, then you messed up somewhere at the end of the night. Act as though everything’s fine and the other night wasn’t that big of a deal.

    Okay, I think I’ve rambled on enough about how to get physical on the date…have fun and GROPE ON THOSE WOMEN! Kidding! Just keep in mind to game her mentally like you would any other girl and treat her like a girlfriend physically.

    Stay up, Playboys…


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    great one. i actually experienced a temporary rejection on a date last week. we had moved to our second venue, were sitting outside the entrance, and i went in for a kiss. she totally backed up and asked me what i was doing. i think i just laughed (don't totally remember because i was already 4 drinks in lol) but then i got up to go to the latrine and i kissed her on the forehead and laughed. after i got out of the bathroom, she came inside, and i took her upstairs to show her a cool part of the bar, i led. when i turned around, she was right in front of me and we started making out.

    i find that i don't have a problem when i know i have a green light that happens naturally. one issue that i have is actively escalating when it's not happening on its own, in terms of DHV and warming them up a bit more so they know they want it. any tips?


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      Good post!