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intro to forum, twan in tel aviv

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  • intro to forum, twan in tel aviv

    nice to meet everyone.

    this isn't my first foray into game and PU, but it is my first time really getting involved in the community other than a few comments here and there on CH and rationalmale.

    first read The Game about 5 years ago, but didn't really know how to put a lot of the practical parts of it in play. i'm was always good with concepts, but AA made me freeze a lot. i've got a decent number, 46 if i remember correctly, and that's including the fact that i didn't get laid until i was 22!

    moved to israel 4 years ago, had a gf for almost a year, and i was the ultimate beta. put her on a pedestal, believed all that shit about sacrificing for the sake of the relationship, and she walked all over me. then she dumped me and and it was the lowest i had been ever. took me a lot of time to build myself back up. but what actually got me to take the red-pill was after i had been fz'd a bunch of times, a friend showed me rollo's year one page, as well as ch's 16 commandments of poon. eye openers. if you have read them, they are the foundations, imo.

    anyway, just got out of an 8 month thing with a nice girl, but she was getting fatter and wanted to move in together, and i like living by myself.
    for those of you that are not jewish, let me explain a little of our culture. because historically people are always fucking with us and killing us, there is a huge emphasis on family and making jewish babies. on top of that, i live in israel, and for some reason it's even more of a big deal, and there is an even bigger emphasis on that.

    i bring that up because i wonder if that would have an effect on certain game tactics, as well as non-serious relationship longevity. something i hope to do more research on

    in any event, i look forward to helping and being helped, and if there are guys in tel aviv, let's get a beer.

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    Sup twan. From what I heard, youth in tel aviv are very liberal so I wouldn't worry too much about chicks trying to pull babies out of you. Just apply tubarao's relationship rules as normal. Maybe focus on younger chicks.


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      thanks dude.
      you're right, the tel avivis are quite liberal. and you're also right that i want to focus on girls that are younger than i am.
      one thing about tel aviv, and israel in general, is that the guys here could never be confused for being tactful. as a result, the woman have walls that are a bit thicker, not in terms of shutting you down, but just being a bit more wary of being hit on. this is a real problem for genuinely good guys that have no exposure. i'm not too worried about it, because i've learned some great things over the past year. i think my biggest obstacles are AA with cold approaches, remembering how to dhv, and escalating with a girl that is a bit less open but still interested because she's out with me. it's really just a matter of internalizing everything i've read and learned, but i get better each time i talk to a girl.


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        hey man
        i live in tlv as well
        lets grab a beer together