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Women : When a man comes inside

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  • Lovergirl
    I usually don't feel it when a guy ejaculates into me. There have been times when I have felt something, like he maybe squirted it out really hard and fast and I felt something. Mostly though, just feel it when its dripping out. There arent nerve endings past a certain point in the vagina. You can see and feel the signs that he is cumming, but not usually the actual ejaculate. I've had guys tell me they came in me, after the fact, and I didn't even know.

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  • Kit
    uhm... I sometimes do and sometimes don't... But I think it's a lack of experience from my side.

    I do feel when he is about to come.... you know you grow bigger, straining muscles and stuff? It turns me on as hell to know a guy is coming..
    I think without a condom it would be way more noticeable.
    Then the size/form/amountofcum, I mean dicks are different, with some you can feel them growing, with some them growing limp.. with others not really. (but i still blame my lack of experience though)..
    What often happens to me is that suddenly i feel a drop of intensity at the guy and know he has come, áfterwards.

    BUT my sexlife was not satisfactory. With some guys i can just *feel* when they come. With others to be honest, i didn't really care.
    Oh I do notice when i see the face, like being on top and watching a guys face while he is coming is pretty nice. It's pretty hard to hide when your face is visible i suppose...
    And then there is the speed. Most guys get a different pace once they start coming + the temperature does get higher, they breathe differently afterwards.

    I think someone with more experience would usually be able to tell. ( a friend of mine does)
    I myself am pretty sure one of the guys has come then stayed there and gotten horny again with me, without me being able to pinpoint when it was.

    "Shiiiiiiit....I am a male and have faked an orgasm with my gf."
    "I've done this too. Sometimes you've simply had one beer too many."

    TL;DR usually i just feel the guy has grown bigger and then suddenly the intensity/size drops and well you "feel" it
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  • Khali
    started a topic Women : When a man comes inside

    Women : When a man comes inside

    This one has always puzzled me.
    Girls, can you feel it when a man ejaculates inside of you ?