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Wanting to go back to basics. Good books places to learn.

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  • Wanting to go back to basics. Good books places to learn.


    Having been considering my sex life these last few weeks I released that I have been quite a lazy lover in the past and I do not remember any girls giving me much good reviews between the sheets.

    With that being what it is I want to put effort into getting better and bed and pleasing any girl I sleep with. This will not only benefit her but also myself as I will feel more confident knowing that my girls are going to have a great time with me when I fuck them and it will also make my goal of retaining multiple hot fuck buddies much easier as girls will want repeat performances.

    Where is a good place to start and go back to basics? Any websites, books, authors, videos etc I can start with. I have looked around some of the threads such as female ejaculation etc and they seem a bit advanced just now. As I said I'm wanting to go back to basics and take it from there, learn how to finger properly, eat out and good penis fucking positions.

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    Here are some resources, remember that the best sex is not just a physical technique like a golf swing, it is also an imaginative mental exercise like telling a great ghost story:

    David Shades


    Multi Orgasmic Man

    The Welcomed Method

    Nancy Friday on Women's Sexual Fantasy

    Elementary Tantra

    PS: Here is a LR that I wrote a while back about a first lay where I mixed elements of physical sexual technique with mental technique. Warning it is long as it has the whole seduction and a bunch of theory mixed in but it does have a bunch of erotic bits to keep it entertaining... (LINK)
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      Just want to say Thin Man has made fantastic recommendations here.

      When mentoring guys, I always tell them to start with David Shade's materials on how to get good in bed.

      I also tell them until they've read nancy Friday's book, they will never understand how massively sexual women are.


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        I didn't learn much from David Shade's Manual, maybe because it focuses mainly on hypnotic techniques. Still a great read though, opens my eyes how easily girls can orgasm psychologically when you do it right.

        I would recommend Sex God Method by Daniel Rose