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Those of you who never have ED and can get it up anytime

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    Originally posted by Paw View Post
    Thanks for the information, sounds interesting!

    But I don't understand why you need porn to kegel! You can still flex your pc muscle without erection! You mean it's easier to locate the muscle while having erection?
    Yeah sort of, it also makes doing Kegel more fun, like going to a gym full of pretty girls vs going alone. Kegel is boring and repetitive after awhile.


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      Originally posted by Silvertree View Post
      but part of it is just keeping going. I am really turned on by being in bed with a naked chick, and after I'd cum, I'd snuggle, and keep hugging and caressing her, and before long I'd be getting hard and be ready for more. You have to be relaxed and have your parasympathetic nervous system running the show to get hard. If you are anxious and apprehensive and have worries about your performance, that is a surefire boner killer. Good self esteem is important to feeling good about yourself in bed. You also have to be attracted to the woman and comfortable with her. It is a myth that men will fuck anything and do not need attraction for arousal.
      Excellent response and I DEFINITELY agree with this.....Just keepa' going baby, because there is always Oral to get her juices flowing


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        Originally posted by PeaceLovinSoul View Post
        Excellent response and I DEFINITELY agree with this.....Just keepa' going baby, because there is always Oral to get her juices flowing
        uh, your oral juices usually aint as good as vaginal juices

        just saying.


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          reduce masterbuating to porn (espically the hard core stuff) and take control of the situation out of the gate.
          Have viagra or something like it on hand just in case.


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            I used to masturbate a lot. Once a day. Now like twice a week?

            But I've never had ED problems. Only when I'm shit faced drunk.

            I've gone for months without working out. But when I do, it's a heavy lifting routine. Before that, when I was actually athletic, full fight training regiment including swimming, running, lifting, etc.

            I eat a lot of garlic in my diet.

            Tbh I think it's genetics for me. Alwaysbhad adrenaline driven hobbies. Motorcycles, martial arts.. Women always comment on how hard my pecker is too. I also look very young for my age.

            It's only last few years I had regular sex. Nowadays it's two or three times with different girls on rotation. I have not noticed much of a difference in my erection quality throughout the years. I guess it's always been 100% for me.

            Sorry not much help. Work out, sleep well, garlic and meat.
            "A human life gains luster and strength only when it is polished and tempered."


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              @Kit Uhh...not MY oral juices but get her juices flowing from giving HER head.


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                I don't think I have Zinc deficit, never have any problem with my hair or my cock. However, a few days ago I casually pick up a box of cashews as a snack, like having 50g/day. Oh boy, suddenly my cock seems to find his own spinach. On Sunday, I had sex with my OLTR (she's hot af but not any new puss, mind you) and it couldn't get down after ejaculation. Also, I got woke up in the middle of last night because it felt so hard down there...

                I will keep eating those wonderful cashews to see if it lasts, or maybe just a mental placebo, we'll see


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                  Originally posted by Paw View Post
                  - How often do you masturbate?

                  - How fit are you?

                  - How often do you workout?'

                  - And maybe most important question, how often do you have sex? (with same or new girl)
                  Only ever couldn't get it up 2 or 3 times (that I remember), and it was thanks to excessive alcohol intake + condom.

                  - Masturbate once or twice any day where I don't have sex. I'd say I have roughly 10-12 orgasms a week, pretty consistently.

                  - I'm in OK shape. I have a fast metabolism, so I'm pretty skinny, with some decent muscle tone. Definitely not muscular though.

                  - I don't really work out these days. But I power-walk pretty much everywhere, and avoid escalators and elevators wherever possible, anything under ten floors, I take the stairs. In the past I have exercised more consistently (weight lifting or fencing) but I did not notice a different, erection wise.

                  - It has varied a LOT over the years. For the last half a year, about 3-5 times a week, monogamously. Before them, it was pretty erratic. As in, maybe 6 times on a weekend and nothing during the week, or sex sessions with 2 or 3 orgasms about 2 or 3 times a week. And then random dry spells lasting anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

                  Hope that helps.


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                    I've wondered about this. Lately I've been having trouble getting hard on demand. Girl I'm seeing kinda bitched at me cuz she used to guys being ready to roll. A bj is enough for me but idk if it's a mental thing for me or too much porn or what I eat.. maybe all 3. I'm leaning towards getting "aid" but if I do that then I'd never have confidence in myself to perform. Ugh what to do. Also, any of you guys have side effects from things like cialis or anything else?