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Those of you who never have ED and can get it up anytime

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    Originally posted by Bexx View Post
    Any can tell me how I reach point 5 of the list?
    It mostly comes to how you construct your life and how outcome independent you are. Check out BD's stuff.

    When all fails though, Viagra and Cialis help. There was a cutting period that I eat more than 500kcal under TDEE, which killed my sex-drive big time due to a low carbs diet, I had to take some before first time sex with new girls. They work well and cheap, you only need 5mg (1/4 - 1/2 pill) or sth.

    take the time you need and learn how to lick pussy properly (i have a guide in the sex forums that may help).
    I can't seem to find the guide, a little help? Oral is my weakness, I seldom make girls orgasm that way, most of the time they seem to enjoy what I do but pull me up half-way for sex (not sure if I make them too cock-craving, or they just feel uncomfortable?)


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      By the way in the sex shops(and some gas stations)... they have over the counter viagra type pills, they do keep changing the names cause it think the viagra/zializ companies come after them all the time...

      The one i am currently using cost $7 in my sex shop and local gas station... no side effects so far (found on ebay cheap)
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        I had huge problems with this when I was 20. I lost my virginity to a girl I really shouldn't have. It was awkward as fuck. It took me like 30 minutes to get it up and I was practically shaking from anxiety and nervousness. Well I tried to sleep with her 2 more times and just couldn't get it up. Then I met a new girl and couldn't get it up with her. And a new girl.

        Finally I met a girl where I saw her for SIX MONTHS never able to get it up. I don't know why the hell she kept coming over, but it was a huge gift to me. We'd just make out, I'd finger her and my dick would be soft. Six fucking months. Then I ordered some fucking viagra online. It worked. I fucked her. But it didn't really feel "right". I was still too nervous to enjoy it.

        I was stressed as fuck. I quit porn. I changed my diet. I started exercising. One time I even put cayenne fucking pepper on my dick before she came over cause I heard it helped (it didn't).

        Another year went by. I had moved away then moved back. In that time I'd had some other disasters. I came back to the six months girl. And I thought to myself... you know what... I am going to either do this shit naturally or not at all. I threw away the viagra. She came over. We started fooling around. I started getting nervous. But then I thought in my head "FUCK THIS", I just grabbed her and started making out with her passionately, fingering her, doing whatever I wanted to her... and what do you know. Rock hard.

        I had natural sex for the first time that night and it was amazing. I had one more problem with ED with a virgin chick. But I think that's because I knew I wasn't the right guy to take it. Other than that I've had absolutely no problems with over 40 girls. My dick is always hard pretty much right away. I have had some issues with PE, but I solved those as well through breathing.

        Bottom line, for me, I had to get in tune with what I wanted. And I had to do it. I have to MAKE myself hard. I rarely will just "get hard" seeing a naked girl. But when I start kissing her and really enjoying being with her, it's no problem at all. Funny to remember how bad I used to stress about this. If you're going through something similar, you can get through it too. Find what works for you. Be active in bed, not passive.

        Oh yeah, I look at a shitton of porn. Probably like twice a day. It's like crack to me. Generally if I know I'm going to fuck a girl or have a date, I will lay off the porn for two days beforehand. I can still get it up even if I whack off 3x that day, but my boner isn't as strong and I don't have nearly as much passion, understandably.
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