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3some gotchas for newbs

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  • 3some gotchas for newbs

    I have prospects (discrete social circle) and I have a sense of how to initiate things. What I want to know is how to maintain my BOSS frame within this context where I am new and dont yet know how to lead. To me this means that I need to give the appearance of knowing what happens, what comes next, how to handle it, etc. And so I want to think through some of it now to arm myself against possible anxieties in real time. I am aiming for elegance over clumsiness.

    one thing that immediately comes to mind is safety: separate condoms for separate pussy.

    what are some "gotchas" that I/we may experience, and tips on how to overcome?

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    Incidentally Blackdragon's latest post on his blog is about threesomes. I think the "sex" he described is pretty lame to me, but he does identify one point which I think is insightful and useful:

    Clearly identify one of the women as the primary

    (drama minimization, brought to you by BD, who else )

    alright guys, where the big dicks at, whose got some more info eh ??


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      From my limited experience, one thing is determining exactly what kind of experience the group sex is going to be, intimate or party type. Depending which one means different type bonding experiences.

      Safety first though ya. Make sure theres a super open safe vibe, safe words if you need, but also adventurous fucking fun, have a talk about likes and stuff as foreplay is going around with glasses of wine type vibe. Just get everyone comfortable touching everyone everywhere.

      As for identifying a primary, mehhh i dunno about that unless she really isss your primary as in oltr mltr, otherwise if she is just fb mostly then ime shes on same level as other girl. Maybe if there is sexual history play to that and bring the other girl if its just fb id say treat them both equal.

      All i can think of off top of my head.
      In Ictu Oculi