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The 2 dicks routine

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  • The 2 dicks routine

    This is a sexual routine that I have been implementing lately to give a girl the fantasy of multiple cocks and they achieve amazing/crazy orgasms. (Most girls have this fantasy but they will not admit it, and even if they do not have the fantasy this is part of sexual variety and have a powerful orgasmic effect).

    Step 1: As you are having sex you will ask her to tell you a hot story.-
    “oh mami tell me some wild sexual stuff you have done”

    ^ Now most of the time that sexual stuff involves some other dude. Now if it involves other girl do this

    Step 2: As she tells you that story even if involving other dude you will act all exited and say “oh shit that is hot, tell me more”. The whole goal is to show that you are different, no jealous, sexually open and not judgmental (though if you are a seducer this should be you, sometimes this is a quick reminder that you are again sexually open, different from 99% of dudes and not judgmental, this in itself is a display of your higher sexual market value. Now this will get her exited and turn on due to picturing one of her former lovers and an amazing past sexual experience.

    Step 3: Now you will use the leverage to transition and you will ask have you had 2 cocks (use the word cock, I only use the word pipi for humor, but the work cock is a powerful word do not use the word dick, or penis). Now 2 possible answers

    1. - no! To this you will say: how you had the fantasy of having 2 cocks/multiple cocks? Again, she will say yes or no (most likely no). But this is irrelevant
    2. - Yes! Again ask her to relieve the experience and get all excited by the story.

    ^ Now the answers 1 or 2 are irrelevant, you will say in a very dominant deep voice, “I want you to do something for me play with your clit” (this is better if you are on missionary position)

    As she is going to reach for the clit, you will say “no! give me your finger wet it first” and you will put her finger in your mouth and lick it and get it wet.

    As she plays with her clit, you will proceed to keep fucking her, but you will lick your own middle finger and place it in her ass GENTLY (note make sure you middle finger is wet), not inside but as the part of your middle finger that is at the bottom aka the fingerprint part, you will do gentle circular motions outside.

    So now you are fucking her, she is playing with her clit, and you are gently playing with her ass….

    Step 4: now you will say “oh shit imagine Mario, juan, pedro, italian dude, nyorker dude __________ aka the dude that she was talking about in the fantasy with us here right now fucking you in the ass”

    Now gently you will start inserting your finger in the ass doing a twist motion (like a finger screw driver).

    Now you can ask her “what is ______ doing aka the fantasy dude” “do you like it” “who is your daddy”

    ^ or whatever erotic language you use, sometime I slap them a bit, or combine with pull hair and sucking tetas…. They cum gallons..

    There you have it…The skills 2 dicks routine (you can use multiple dicks fantasy as well and or toys, for example hitachi or pocket rocket and the likes)
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    Love it!
    Consider it stolen!
    Thx for sharing
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