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  • Yohimbe 451

    Hey guys,

    I've tried this supplement a couple times, and thought I'd let you know about my experience with it. It's the GNC brand, "Men's Yohimbe 451," sold as a dietary supplement for "mens' sexual wellness."

    I don't have an ED issue, I just had a couple awesome experiences with some Viagra a friend gave me, and thought I'd try another supplement to see what happened.

    That being said, here's what happened:

    Super rock-hard boner. Shorter refractory period. Insane, uncontrollable hiccups (which kinda ruins the mood...). Tremors in hands. Insomnia.

    Vote: Not worth it.

    Anyone else tried this stuff ? Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts.


    EDIT: I'm 25, and in pretty good shape.

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    this is probably a Yohimbe concentrate - this stuff has strong side effects and is actually forbidden worldwide (EU, Australia, Japan) except in the US. There have been several reported cases of deaths attributed to taking Yohimbe in high doses

    the normal Yohimbe extract (which contains a much lower dose) is still legal everywhere and pretty much safe

    "When in doubt... fuck." (Scent of a Woman)


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      Tried yohimbe about six months ago. Took one capsule of the "yohimbe fuel" about 9PM and went out. Stayed in the club till about 3AM, no noticeable effect. Didn't pull.

      Got back to the hotel to go to bed... THEN the shit kicked in. 6AM rolls around and I'm still laying wide awake in bed, haven't slept at all, heart racing 150 BPM, feeling like I'm going to have a full coronary. The insane rock-hard boner was just a distraction at that point. I'm thinking "God, it'll be embarrasing to get wheeled into the ER like this."

      Not recommended.



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        lol you dudes are insane, why are you takin this shit?
        Excellent reviews on some seduction systems: http://seduction.worldproductreviews...egory/reviews/


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          Originally posted by secretasianman View Post
          lol you dudes are insane, why are you takin this shit?
          Because sexy women writhing on the end of my cock is a price I'm willing to pay for my sanity ;-)


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            I took some for fat burning reasons for a month and felt no difference. Maybe a bad batch from what you guys are saying - any recommendations of good places to get it (I'm in the UK)?


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              What you want is Yohimbine HCL, you can buy it from primaforce on amazon, its legit. I took a bunch like an idiot and couldn't sleep for a day but the sex was crazy. At a lower dose it might work well for you