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Women's Forum Rules - Read Before Posting

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  • Women's Forum Rules - Read Before Posting

    This forum is for the exclusive use of our female members. They may post about anything connected with seduction, sex, relationships, or any topics that they find interesting. We will allow the female participants to operate their forum as they see fit so long as they do not have giant fights or violate our general rules.

    Men may not start posts here nor may they respond to posts here unless the title of the post includes, (Men Welcome). There is a prefix in the form you get when you click [Post New Thread] that is default set to no prefix, the other choice is Men Welcome. Select Men Welcome if they are, otherwise they are not.

    As in other parts of this site, ad hominem attacks, name calling, revealing identifying information about other posters, trolling, posting spam, or advertising other sites is not allowed. We also will not tolerate posts that speak out against what we teach here or are male bashing/shaming. This is a seduction forum, and a sex positive male space that celebrates human sexuality, and if you find that distasteful, this is not the site for you.

    And remember; do not post whole text articles cut & pasted from other web sites; post a short quote, a link, and an attribution, i.e... Originally posted on Site Name.
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