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Why do men get overprotective?

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    Originally posted by Jack Gignac View Post
    also some guys believe girls find it attractive. there probably are some girls.
    personally, i find it repulsive. lol
    I usually think it's cute.

    Depends on the guy though.
    Sometimes you actually truly need someone to come up to you and help you out. I love it when guys help me out with something I like help with.


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      100% Lack of experience.


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          A deep seated lack of trust in her decision making ability (I'm not saying it is right, I'm just being frank about what it is, it is obviously shitty)
          Guys often misread women in this regard, or over rely on half truths, or get involved where they shouldn't
          It is a different thing at play for each one
          Misreads: The guy is just a generally close minded nark and leaning toward dickishness just cuz
          Half truths: He wants her to be her better self, and knows she needs challenge, resistence, etc, but that the guy will not give her any, and will lure her into regrets by decieving her into safety
          Overinvolving: Is riding the high of societal control mechanisms to validate his ocd or pettiness

          None of them are truly flattering to a guy's spirit
          I don't think on the whole we intend to be dicks about it
          It is just hard to express real concerns sometimes, when people expect the negatives to be dominant in order to soothe their own agendas

          In essence it is the man trying to outreach and achieve mutual respect,
          But it fails because it is often inauthentic or insincere

          Our hope is that when it is sincere girls listen and take the resistence as helpful, but if it is less sincere that they take it more as commentary not an actual attempt to derride or chastise their actions

          Of course, as men we aren't by default right about everything we feel

          There is no perfect answer
          Typically I suggest guys don't get over protective
          But in a way there are some seeds of good intentions in there
          Authenticity, sincerity, hope, generosity, honesty

          I think we are just HOPELESS at drawing out and embodying those best parts sometimes
          And yeah, we feel bad about it...
          Often it starts with the best intentions and then you get caught in it and need help to get out but are greeted with sticks and a beating,

          Possessiveness is sort of fucked up cuz it mirrors the flaws and faults of having no resistence and thinking you are invincible
          To think you are invincible, is in a way, a woman being possessive

          ... and I'm going to stop there and just say... If he's just a snippy dickbag, brush it off, and try not to hold it against him too much, its not your enemy... Its just, unpleasant as fuck, and people are often bad at it.


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            have noted myself doing another version of this which is to take too much care of her. Small things - the other day a girl was not at the right place the other day where we were supposed to meet for a day2. i call her and she realized it, saying ill be there shortly. my initial thought is to go in her direction to meet her but i realized albeit a nice gesture sometimes here it was a bad motivation to please. So i located my ass in the sun instead chatting up another woman while waiting for her.

            Some girls love it. but its not healthy and i guess a part of a captain save a hoeish syndrome. At least for me. and it disbalances the relation.