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How to deal with people who know you but you don't remember

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  • Men Allowed How to deal with people who know you but you don't remember

    Hey, what do you guys think?

    I mean.. daily I meet people who tend to know me, and I barely remember them.
    The day before yesterday 2 people approached me, the first one was like: "hey!! long time no see"
    Later at the night the second one was like: "hey you are (XXX) right?"

    And I just got in touch with them but it feels so... hard.. They are like totally enthousiastic and seem to know me already and I am like: who are you.. what is the image you have in your mind already? I just go back to my "normal"/"standard"/"low-key" style and they just... sometimes tend to lose interest, cause they liked another style better or something?

    Like the guy was totally interested at first... like the first 30-40min and then his interest level went lower instead of higher... what to do about it?
    Pay less attention? Since they started the liking at like 0 attention?

    With the girl i talked some with her, then had to do some other stuff but told her i would get back at her.. but got so busy I couldn't and now she has added me on facebook.

    Is paying less attention so much better?
    I mean.. I am used to paying attention to the people I like,
    but somehow it seems conflicting with people who have barely interacted with you but somehow tend to like you?

    Usually when meeting people who already know me, I don't have time anyway so i just say hi, fake knowing them and then say bye cause "i gotta go"