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  • Men Allowed Maintaining sexual state

    Lately I have been having trouble with getting into sexual state and maintaining it..

    its like the flip is going off and on all the time..

    anybody got any tips?

    I am at the point that I can be having sex and just totally feel out of it.. before during and after...
    like my body is allright but mentally I am just out of it

    any tips?

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    It could be multiple things:

    1.- started a birth control pill or changing it (it fucks with your hormones)

    2.- stress (new job, finances etc...).- It fucks with your body.

    3.- Depression

    4.- lack of emotional connection.


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      By proper control and direction of your own imagination, you may perpetuate and maintain any state you wish. Form and keep arousing images in your mind, and your body will follow.


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        Funny questions... you're no machine you know. Why would you have sex if you don't feel like you're enjoying it? It's not like you're supposed to be wanting sex all the time, with whomever. A good old female friend of mine who used to have lots of sex with many different people just for the sake of it told me after a few months/years that she tends to feel nothing at all anymore and wonders what's wrong with her. Turned out she had been sleeping with very random people (whoever was willing to) and never actually liked any one of them. When she finally met someone she actually liked again, it was a) quite good sex after a while and b) all the emotional turmoil she had been running from also came back. Chances are she had used the other men for some personal satisfaction of the body while not allowing any connetion of the soul, which became quite boring after a short while. Go find yourself someone (or some people) you actually like on a deep level and your "problems" should subside quite easily



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          well.. it's not only the sexual state.. it's also the empathy + emotions that go unpredictable.. therefor I am like lets solve the sexual state first :')

          I dont think it has that much to do with partners..

          its like the sexual state is there at the start and then suddenly disappears.. out of one short shot of fear/anxiety/another emotion lol


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            Originally posted by Drexel Scott View Post
            By proper control and direction of your own imagination, you may perpetuate and maintain any state you wish. Form and keep arousing images in your mind, and your body will follow.
            might sound hippy-ish to a lot of guys, but it's def a thing.

            tons of people do this.


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              What I found being with girls who are not as easy to get into a sexual trance as others is.... Don't go too fast, else you'll be touching cold stones haha
              I guess it can be pretty pressuring if a guy keeps TRYING to AROUSE a woman, by touching her pussy or something when she's not into it yet (read YET... it can be different any split second, any other moment)
              In general, it's best to CREATE a CRAVING inside the woman... it's mainly psychological, you will want to her to agree to that she wants you, but cannot get it yet...
              by withholding a full-on touch or lick or what ever. This kind of loops of craving and teasing... will make her more immersed cause her reality shifts from "I cant live up to his expectations"(of being aroused and turned on for him) to "I'm excited what's going to happen and want more of it, ohhh it's all i can think of" (she won't be able to think this anymore probably)

              However, how is this actionable for you, Kit, as a woman yourself?


              Kit, do you meditate? Do any kind of long focus activities (sports?). I believe in being immersed in your body, it's a matter of mind control and stuff. I think visualization (as told) is also a great tool. It helps you to train the body-mind (and the way around) connection. Which is needed. Vivid imagination leads to greater effects on the body.
              In general, you want to learn how to relax yourself more at will. Or the way around. It's an amazing too, when you can use your breathing, to assist in being in a certain state. Even more amazing once you can also know what other things will happen in your body.

              Also, as Skills pointed out, stress or difficult life circumstances can have an effect on you, overreaching different situations... meditation will also teach you how to OVERSEE this and have control to reduce it's effect on you. It won't take care of it, but it will give you some awareness of it, and strength to change things.. by practise.


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