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    Haha, yeah, but that's weird no?

    if a guy posts "you could try X" it is suddenly more important (even though most guys in such a case havent tried X either)
    while if a girl does "you could try X" it is crap before even looking at what X is?


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      Yeah, that is true. There are double standards. Everywhere. Sadly for most people perception is reality (there are some good and some bad reasons, why that is the case)

      People would often dismiss woman's advice, just because it comes from a woman. The same applies if you are young. Unfortunately, that is how 95% of the world works and the only easy way for you to beat the system is to learn how to overcome prejudice and learn how to work within the system, instead of fighting the system.

      We all have some silly bullshit we have to deal with in our lives and this one may be yours


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        Haha to be honest. I am pretty capable of distancing myself from that crap usually. If I want to be heard I will be heard.

        That 95% of the world doesnt see looking at reasonings and facts independently from stigma, and other shit, and that they dont feel like it is something that harms them more than benefits them, is unnecessary to accept in my eyes however..

        For me personally (forgive my words, i dont think they reflect to everyone who posts/posted here, just a few too many),
        it just makes me wonder why i am wasting my time with uneducated and/or unintelligent idiots/assholes who just want sex


        my ego
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